So Long and Thanks for all the Model Kits

After two years of wrangling this club, nudging it in bold new directions and generally just bumbling through it all; it is time for me to step aside as President. It has been a fantastic experience. I’ve met so many awesome folks, been to club meetings across Region 9 and seen our own club do more and more things while continuing some classic traditions. The Tour of PCAM, the Summer Picnics and last year’s show at Fundemonium are some personal highlights. But all good things must come to an end and for me, this is the time. The last few months have seen my energy levels drop off as other life things started taking up more time and my desire to push new ideas and get more spirited activities for the club became harder to realize.

I would like to thank the whole club for sticking it out through all my mad ideas and occasionally half baked plans. Sticking with the plan to do Open Judging at this years show (something I am still very excited for and looking forward to). Buying swag, showing up to Club Auctions and Club nights, sitting down to hobby on build nights and go on the odd field trip here or there.

Mostly I’d like to thank Dean for agreeing to take up the mantle and bring his own ideas and energy, along with those of his exec to the rest of the club. I can’t wait to see what they can do!

Later Dayz