Meeting! 03/07/2023

Alrighty, time to get things squared away for our next meeting. Let’s get the formalities out of the way… 

Monday, March 7th, at 7:00pm at Fundemonium. For those who don’t know, Fundemonium is located in the Expressway Center, 579 Rohnert Park Expy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. Our business meetings take place one hour prior to the club meeting. So, get there at 6:00pm and have a say in the club’s goings on.

This month’s theme is “Your Ugliest Model.” Bring in those unsightly projects, finished or underway, and tell your story! This month is also our Q1 Quarterly Contest, “Gunpla/Mecha.” So, bring in your finished gunpla and/or mecha projects this quarter for fun and prizes. Remember, your quarterly entry must have been built, or a majority of the work done, in this quarter. We will also have a drawing for the Q2 Quarterly Contest, more on that below.

Our own Mr. President, Dev Sodagar, will be performing a demonstration of figure face painting. He’ll be getting us ready for our Q3 Quarterly Contest.

Now, more about the Q2 contest. We’re calling this contest “Random Raffle,” and the idea is to build something that you wouldn’t normally build. Your moving out of your comfort zone. First, some ground rules… There is a $5 ‘buy in’ for this contest. You will need to put $5 into the pot in order to draw a category. This is to encourage people to actually submit something for the category they drew. If you enter something for your category at the Q2 contest in June, you get the $5 back regardless of how well you do. If you don’t enter anything, that’s cool – the $5 will go into the club funds. The categories that we will be drawing from are listed below. There will two tickets of each of these categories in the raffle tumbler to draw.

Q2 Categories:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Single & Multi Engine Jet
  • Single & Multi Engine Prop
  • Bi-Plane
  • Civilian Aircraft
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • Military Vehicles – Soft Skinned
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Towed/Tracked Artillery
  • Ships Powered – All types
  • Ships Sailing – All types
  • Submarines
  • Automotive – All types
  • Space Vehicles Sci-fi & Fantasy
  • Space Vehicles and Missles – Real
  • Figures – Real and Historical
  • Figures – Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Gundam & Articulated Mecha