The Return of the Model Show Announcement!


It’s the Return of the Scale Model Show

We’re baaaaack.

After a rough few years for everyone, it’s that time! IPMS Santa Rosa is back with a show not to be missed!!! We will be hosting this year’s show at our Friendly Local Hobby Store – Fundemonium! But don’t worry, we will still have many lovely vendors as well for you to support!

Saturday, May 20th, 2023 at Fundemonium from 10am to 5pm.

We’ll have the usual model show goodness: vendors, models, a contest, a raffle, friends, and plenty of activities for everyone!

For all of the details, visit our show page: The Return of the Scale Model Show!

IPMS Santa Rosa Meetings


Our club meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. We meet from 7pm to 9pm at Fundemonium in Rohnert Park. Our general format is a brief business overview for the attendees followed by Show ‘n’ Tell. When members are finished discussing their models, we have a demonstration/presentation and a door prize giveaway to round out the evening. The executive branch holds the club business meeting during the hour before the regular meeting, at 6pm. All are welcome to attend our club meetings, and everyone is highly encouraged to bring any completed projects or anything in progress.

Fundemonium is located in the Expressway Center located at 579 Rohnert Park Expy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

2023 Meetings
  Theme Presentation Quarterly Contest
January New Scribing with Randy N\A
February Oldest Model Wood Grain with Jack N\A
March Ugliest Model <skipped> Gunpla\Mecha
April Worst Model Faces with Dev N\A
May Most Colorful IPMS Judging Clinic N\A
June Shiniest Model Static Grass with Bob Random Raffle Category
July Patriotic Making Water with Bob N\A
August Hottest Model Sludge Washes with Jack N\A
September Learned A Lot TBA Figure Painting
October TBA TBA N\A
November TBA TBA N\A
December TBA TBA Christmas Mayhem

Vendor Table Information!

Hot off the presses! Here’s the latest info on vendor tables.

Vendor Tables

May 20, 2023 – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Expressway Center, 579 Rohnert Park Expy
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Vendor tables
$35 before May 6
$40 after
Two table limit

Limited space available!
9:00 am setup

Contact: Greg Reynolds – 707 849 0609 –

Or, use this link to download the pdf: Vendor Tables

The cost of the hobby

I feel that I mention this in pretty much every post I write but I come from the gaming side of the hobby. I feel this gives me a very different perspective on many aspects of our hobby. (Apparently the thought of painting the eyes on a 1/50th scale figure is terrifying to many scale modellers?). It also has introduced me to a world of little things that I find curious as I continue to become more familiar with the scale modeller side of things.

One thing I’ve found particularly fascinating is the perspective on spending in the hobby. Games Workshop models are notoriously expensive but even other brands will frequently charge a couple hundred bucks on a starter set and gamers will often drop as much as fifty bucks on a single 28mm (1/50ish) model… something that puzzles even me. (Despite the reality that I have in fact done this myself once or twice). Scale modellers seem to have much lower thresholds for model kit pricing despite generally needing to purchase many fewer (you don’t need to assemble a 100 model army to field for that tournament next week after all!). Of course the modelling isn’t the end point for gamers and generally these models are being painted for use in a game so there’s arguably additional utility there but it is a marked difference in approach.

The opposite seems to hold sway for other areas of the hobby. I am not sure I know of a single scale modeller without an airbrushing rig. Even if they may not be completely comfortable with it, yet for gamers… it couldn’t be more different. Things have changed a lot over the last ten years but my default assumption is that a gamer WON’T own an airbrush and if you dare suggest they should consider getting one… you better buckle up because you’re invariably in for a tirade about the cost, the space, the noise… I’m sure I’ve missed things and if you’re one of those gamers – feel free to send angry emails about how unreasonable it is to expect poor hard working gamers to afford the outrages sums demanded for airbrushes to I mean I’m not going to read it but if it’ll make you feel better then go for it.

I am being a little hyperbolic but sadly not far off the mark in many cases. Of course it’s ridiculous, now sell a pocket sized battery powered compressor and gun kit for $50 that works surprisingly well, is quieter than the music I have going on my computer and will literally fit in my admittedly large pockets… but that’s the inertia of the zeitgeist I suppose.

Going back the other way I feel modellers have a reluctance to venture into new paint lines. Of course there is a lot of loyalty to brands and particularly when those existing lines are thought to provide good colour accuracy. For myself, I’d rather find a paint that sprays well, and is easy to work with than provides perfect colour accuracy, but then I’m not much of a ‘details’ guy when it comes to my hobbying! Are most paint lines a rip off? Yes. Should you be painting $33 for a can of Games Workshop spray paint? Under NO circumstances! However if you find a different line of paints that works better for you and achieves the results you’re looking for then you should absolutely investigate other lines.

All in all this has been a bit of meandering stream of consciousness from me but hopefully one that’s given you pause to rethink your preconceived notions on what you should and shouldn’t drop some cash on. Meanwhile for club members there’s SWAG to be had! Go check out your email inbox and spam filter if you can’t find it.


March Madness

To this day, I’ve never actually watched any games from March Madness… I do however feel like March in a more holistic sense tends to be a crazy month… the end of quarter crush after a slow start to the year leaves me frequently trying to play catch up and generally paying for my slacking off in January and to a lesser extent February.

This year is no exception as I desperately try to crank through a load of Star Wars Legion Snowtrooper models for NOVA Open’s charity foundation, prep for convention and weekend painting classes that are happening throughout the year. Not to mention all the real life work projects piling up!

I think I will have something to enter for the quarterly contest although it’s nowhere near as far progressed as I had intended… it will be something at least. It’s my first time really working on sophisticated masking in a long time and although it’s coming together… that dread moment of truth when you peel off the tape has not yet manifest at the time of writing so we shall see…

On the subject of teaching painting. I have been asked a few times why I feel I can charge for classes when there’s a wealth of information out there for free, YouTube, Twitch, Club Night demos, asking buddies… I get it and I certainly try to make the most of those avenues myself but fundamentally there is nothing like being taught by a person in the room that can give you feedaback as you work through an exercise for shortcutting the learning process. I work hard on my presentation style, my topics and content as well as the skills needed not just to achieve the end result but to be able to communicate that so that my students can walk away knowing that they too can produce something of a similar calibre. Is that worth it to you? well only you can say! For myself, I attend every in person class I can from any instructor I respect and feel I can learn from because nothing has made me a better modeller and painter as fast as those classes and the practice in their aftermath.

Seeing as this is my blog – why not put a little shameless self promotion out there. This is my next class – a weekend class down in the SF South Bay:

Airbrushing class

For those of you interested in really pushing your airbrushing skills to the limit, this weekend class is going to blow your mind. Whether you normally paint figures / armour / aircraft / gunpla – I promise you that you will learn a ton. It’s also being held at a great venue run by a friend. Tickets here.

Meeting! 03/07/2023

Alrighty, time to get things squared away for our next meeting. Let’s get the formalities out of the way… 

Monday, March 7th, at 7:00pm at Fundemonium. For those who don’t know, Fundemonium is located in the Expressway Center, 579 Rohnert Park Expy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. Our business meetings take place one hour prior to the club meeting. So, get there at 6:00pm and have a say in the club’s goings on.

This month’s theme is “Your Ugliest Model.” Bring in those unsightly projects, finished or underway, and tell your story! This month is also our Q1 Quarterly Contest, “Gunpla/Mecha.” So, bring in your finished gunpla and/or mecha projects this quarter for fun and prizes. Remember, your quarterly entry must have been built, or a majority of the work done, in this quarter. We will also have a drawing for the Q2 Quarterly Contest, more on that below.

Our own Mr. President, Dev Sodagar, will be performing a demonstration of figure face painting. He’ll be getting us ready for our Q3 Quarterly Contest.

Now, more about the Q2 contest. We’re calling this contest “Random Raffle,” and the idea is to build something that you wouldn’t normally build. Your moving out of your comfort zone. First, some ground rules… There is a $5 ‘buy in’ for this contest. You will need to put $5 into the pot in order to draw a category. This is to encourage people to actually submit something for the category they drew. If you enter something for your category at the Q2 contest in June, you get the $5 back regardless of how well you do. If you don’t enter anything, that’s cool – the $5 will go into the club funds. The categories that we will be drawing from are listed below. There will two tickets of each of these categories in the raffle tumbler to draw.

Q2 Categories:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Single & Multi Engine Jet
  • Single & Multi Engine Prop
  • Bi-Plane
  • Civilian Aircraft
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • Military Vehicles – Soft Skinned
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Towed/Tracked Artillery
  • Ships Powered – All types
  • Ships Sailing – All types
  • Submarines
  • Automotive – All types
  • Space Vehicles Sci-fi & Fantasy
  • Space Vehicles and Missles – Real
  • Figures – Real and Historical
  • Figures – Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Gundam & Articulated Mecha

To Sweep or Not to Sweep…

Well this president’s blog, I thought I’d do a bit of a spicy topic – Sweeps
More specifically why I detest allowing sweeps at club shows.

For those of you that are more casual in the hobby or just aren’t familiar with the term, sweeps is where a single person is able to win multiple times (eg. first, second and third) in a single category.

It was a new term to me when I got involved in IPMS a couple of years ago and it put me off of entering shows at all… For over a year. It took a lot of cajoling from fellow club members to put anything into any show and even when I did, it wasn’t a great experience in large part because of sweeps.

I come from a background of painting gaming pieces and sometimes doing so for competitions such as the Golden Demon, Capital Palette and other gaming focused painting competitions. There’s been a lot of change in those competitions over the years but fundamentally they are very different to IPMS (I’d never heard of splitting categories until I joined IPMS for instance, many of these competitions can see a couple of hundred models put into a single category).

One of the other changes that has gained increasing favour over the years on the gaming side is open judging where each piece is judged against a standard criteria and awarded a gold, silver, bronze, merit, or nothing, based on how it measures up. There is no limit to how many can get gold or bronze or whatever as long as they’re good enough to meet the criteria. I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes thinking ‘these bloody millennials just never want to see anyone lose’ and I suppose that’s fair. I don’t want to beat the opposition, or pound them into the dust… I am not in this hobby “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women”. I don’t want to sweep a category at the expense of other entrants’ enjoyment of the show just because I can and I also don’t want to be on the other side of that. I want to push myself to get better, little by little, year after year. In 2021 I got silver at Reaper Con, so in 2022 I pushed myself and got a gold. In 2023 I hope to get one of the best in show trophies, and maybe a gold in a different category. I pushed myself and I got better than my past self. But best of all I watched my friends do the same. I got to celebrate their wins without that twinge of jealousy because I’m not in this to beat others, I’m here to improve myself and help others improve. This is not a sport or tournament. It’s not player vs player. It doesn’t need to be competitive… So why make it that way? Almost all open judging is done as no sweeps so that only the best entry in a category by each person is judged and given an award, largely to keep the number of awards manageable but it seems intuitive enough and even contests that don’t have open judging tend not to support sweeps.

This wasn’t intended to be a monologue about the merits of open judging, and I think IPMS is still a long way from seriously considering that format. This is meant to be about sweeps…

The first IPMS contest I entered, last year, had good turn out. It is one of the more popular shows in region 9 and most categories had a good showing with half a dozen different folks entering and 10-12 different models on each table. I had finally put a couple of models in to be judged and they were awful… Missing parts, not great finish, one was an OoB build of a kit first tooled in the 70s. I didn’t expect to win and I didn’t. There was, however, something else I didn’t expect – to see the same three or four people win over and over again, often picking up two awards in a category. Even if some of these categories are lightly entered it’s still pretty disheartening for someone new to the scene to go through an awards ceremony and just feel so far below these apparent gods of the modelling world. Doing the whole circuit of shows, it was the same story over and over again, often with the same models (another bugbear of mine).

The hobby has an aging demographic and it’s only getting worse, but I truly feel we can address this with the scariest of all ideas… Change. Is a no sweeps rule the panacea? A cure all / silver bullet? Nope… Not even close. It’s a small, tentative step to maybe make things more welcoming to newer hobbyists or some of our cousins in the gaming and model car worlds. Such a small step that the nationals took it years ago… But not region 9. Apparently never region 9.

We had a misprint on our show flyers that was 100% down to me not proof reading copy as I should have that indicates we will only accept one entry per category, I’d intended it to be no sweeps and not meant to be yelling it to the world as if throwing down some kind of gauntlet decrying people flooding categories with their entries…
It was also a decision I’d made without input from the club, again something I shouldn’t have done but went ahead with clearly underestimating the degree of outrage I was generating in doing so.

The good news for all regular IPMS show attendees is that we are fully walking back on both 1 model per category and no sweeps rules. We’ll be running the contest just like every other contest in the Central Valley and wider Bay Area. I am honestly looking forward to seeing tables filled with the hard work of our members and those of other clubs. I also hope folks will consider bringing display only pieces from years past. We are hosting in a game store so we have a unique opportunity to really reach potential new members, ones that may not even be aware of what we do. So please, all of you, bring your A game to the show.

And me? Am I bitter? Sure I am. I honestly believe that this is doing a disservice to our hobby and impacting our ability to attract new hobbyists, the thing I am most passionate about… But equally, it’s not just my hobby and it’s not just my club. So for now I’ll continue to try and convince you all of the merits of my arguments while doing my best to represent the will of the club and the region.

Thanks for reading and apologies for causing all this upset and confusion.


No Limit to Category entries!

Hey Folks,

We’ve heard your voices and we’re lifting the entry limits for the contest!

There will be NO limit to the number of entries you can submit per category. We are also allowing you to sweep categories so bring all those beautiful entries!

We will also have the option to Display Only! This is completely free and a great way to show off some of your favorite older pieces.

The People have Spoken meme


Meeting! 02/06/2023

Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 6th, 2023 at 7:00pm. We’re now holding the business meetings prior to the meeting at 6:00pm. We meet at Fundemonium: Expressway Center, 579 Rohnert Park Expy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Our theme this month is “Yout Oldest Model”. So dust off those ancient relics and bring them in to show off – finshed or in-progress, it doesn’t matter. If it’s old enough, we’ll all marvel at it with a gleam in our eyes. Except for the younger members, they’ll just look at us weird. This month’s demonstration is provided by Jack Riggar and covers painting a wood grain surface.

IPMS Santa Rosa Auction!

Yes Virginia, we’re having an Auction! Lots of kit, aftermarket, books, and other stuff. Some new, some not so new, all well-loved and going for low, low prices. Now, some details:

5:30pm to 10pm, February 4th, 2023: Viewing from 5:30pm until approximately 6:30pm, and then the action starts!

Petaluma Community Center at Luchese Park, 320 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954

Show Update!

Hi Folks,

It’s me… again… with my trusty sidekick, the Tombola Machine with a little bit of an update.

The club show is fast approaching. We’re starting to reach out for prize support and will have more information for prospective Vendors shortly.

The big news I’d like to announce is that the great Chris Bucholtz, author, Coordinator of IPMS District 9, Managing Editor of IPMS Journal and all around nice guy from our sister clubs IPMS Silicon Valley and  IPMS Fremont Hornets has kindly agreed to be our Head Judge for the show! A huge thanks to Chris for donating his time to helping us out.

In the same vein for those thinking of entering the contest, here is a full run down of our categories. We are wanting to really encourage folks to participate, no matter what their interest so if you have something you would like to enter, but don’t know what category it would fit into, bring it along and we’ll be happy to help you position it in the right category.




Single Engine Jet 1/72 and smaller
Multi Engine Jet 1/72 and smaller
Single Engine Prop 1/72 and smaller
Multi Engine Prop 1/72 and smaller
Single Engine Jet 1/48
Multi Engine Jet 1/48
Single Engine Prop 1/48
Multi Engine Prop 1/48
Single & Multi Engine Jet 1/32 & Larger
Single & Multi Engine Prop 1/32 & Larger
WW1 Bi-Plane All scales
Civilian Aircraft All scales
Rotary Wing Aircraft All scales
All Aircraft 1/100 scale and smaller
Military Vehicles – Soft Skinned 1/35 to 1/16
Armoured Fighting Vehicles 1/35 to 1/16
Armoured Fighting Vehicles – Open Top 1/35 to 1/16
Towed/Tracked Artillery 1/35 to 1/16
Military Vehicles – All types 1/48 and smaller
Military Vehicles – All types 1/16 and larger
Ships Powered – All types All scales / All types
Ships Sailing – All types All scales / All types
Submarines All scales / All types
Automotive Stock 1/24 & 1/25
Automotive Custom 1/24 & 1/25
Automotive Competition – All types 1/24 & 1/25
Automotive – All types 1/16 and larger
Automotive – Misc All scales
Motorcycles All scales / All types
Space Vehicles Sci-fi & Fantasy All scales
Space Vehicles and Missles – Real All scales
Figures – Real and Historical All scales
Figures – Sci Fi and Fantasy All scales
Gundam & Articulated Mecha All scales / All types
Dioramas All scales / All types
Miscellaneous All scales / All types
Collections 5 or more All types / All scales
Out of the Box Must have instructions / All scales

Junior 10-17

Aircraft All scales / All types
Military Vehicles & Ships All scales / All types
Automotive All scales / All types
Dinosaurs and Figures All scales / All types
Sci-Fi & Fantasy All scales / All types
Miscellaneous All scales / All types

Junior 9 & Under

Real Vehicles, Ships & Aircraft All scales / All types
Dinosaurs and Figures All scales / All types
Sci-Fi & Fantasy All scales / All types
Miscellaneous All scales / All types