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Hobby Expo 2014
Contest Results

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Hobby Expo 2014 was held on Saturday February 15th at the Petaluma Community Center

Contest Theme "Building The Future"
"Ma.k showcase usa Vol. 1
Maschinen Krieger Contest"

SENIOR (17 and over)

S1 Biplanes, Fabric and Rigging under 1/32
1ST Chris Bucholtz - Sparrowhawk
2ND Marty Sanford - Gladiator I

S2 Biplanes, Fabric and Rigging 1/32​​
1ST  Mark Glidden - Fokker D VII OAW
2ND Mark Glidden - Fokker D. VII

S3 Aircraft, Rotary Wing, all scales
1ST  Stephan Peyic - AH-64D Longbow Apache
2ND Marvin Reyes - Kaman Husky - HH-43
3RD Tom Crayne - Revel Rescue Helicopter

S4 Aircraft, Civil, Sport and Racing all scales
1ST  Steve Davis - Quantas 787
2ND Sunny Esparzo - Ethiopian 787
3RD Michael Baldrica - Steve Wittman Chief Oshkosh

S5 Aircraft, all types, 1/144 and smaller
1ST  Dennis Meyers - C-47
2ND Marc Rezac - ME-262
3RD Allan Jones - B-58A

S6 Aircraft, Single Engine Jet or Rocket, 1/72
1ST  Marc Rezac - Me1636
2ND Terry Huber - F-20 Tigershark
3RD Jim Schettler - X-15

S7 Aircraft, Multi-engine Jet, 1/72
1ST  Mark Rezac - Me-262 Prototype
2ND Rod Bettencourt - TU-22 M3 Backfire

S8A Aircraft, Single-engine Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/72
1ST  Marc Rezac - P-47D
2ND Joseph Youngerman - Ki-43 Oscar
3RD Joseph Youngerman - Focke Wulf FW 190F8

S8B Aircraft, Single-engine Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/72
1ST  Allan Jones - Focke-Wulf FW-56
2ND Scott Tanis - F1-156 Storch
3RD Marty Sanford - P-40B

S9 Aircraft, Multi Engine Prop 1/72​​
1ST  Michael Baldrica - Martin B-10
2ND Marty Sanford - JRF G00SE
3RD Joseph Youngerman - K1-46

S10 Aircraft, Single Engine Jet or Rocket, 1/48
1ST  Rod Bettencourt - F-104G
2ND Benjamin Pada Jr - F-104J
3RD Martin Reyes - T-33A

S11 Aircraft, Multi-engine Jet, 1/48
1ST  Rod Bettencourt - FB-111
2ND Marvin Reyes - RA SC Vigilante
3RD Harlan Schoneweis - MIG 25 Foxbat

S12 Aircraft, Single Engine Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/48
1ST   Benjamin Prada Jr - Me 200
2ND  Marty Sanford - P-47D (Brazil)
3RD  Cris Brown - F4U Corsair

S13 Aircraft, Multi-engine Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/48
1ST  Marvin Reyes - Tupolov TU-2T
2ND Marvin Reyes - XF2R-1 "Dark Shark"
Scott Nelson - He-219 UhU

S14 Aircraft, Jet or Rocket, 1/32 and larger
1ST  Tom Crayne - F105G Thunderchief
2ND Tom Crayne - F-100D Super Sabre
3RD Howard Weaver - F-4G Phantom

S15A Aircraft, Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/32 and larger
1ST  Dan Clover - BF-109 610
2ND Howard Weaver - A5M2 Claude
3RD Howard Weaver - Ki-44 Tojo

S15B Aircraft, Prop or Turbo-prop, 1/32 and larger
1ST  Mark Rezac - P-B6C Thunderbirds
2ND Jeff Foltz - MK IX Spitfire
3RD Tom Crayne - SBD Dauntless

S16 Military Vehicles, Closed-top, 1/72 and smaller
1ST  Dave Parks - M32B1 Tank Recovery Vehicle
2ND Dave Parks - Stug III B
3RD Dennis Meyers - Challenger 1

S17 Military Vehicles, Open-top, 1/72 and smaller
1ST  Dave Parks - M7 Priest
2ND Scott Tanis - ISU24 Tx-40 Japanese Fuel Truck
Stephan Peyic - Sd. KFZ. 260

S18 Military Vehicles, all types, 1/48
1ST  Mike Budzeika - Tiger I (Late)
2ND Andrew Gonzales - Hetzer
3RD Robert McMillen - Stug II

S19 Military Vehicles, Softskin, 1/35 and larger
1ST  Brandon Cherinka - Universal Carrier
2ND Cris Salak - GMC 2 1/2 Ton Red Ball Express
3RD Scott Tanis - WWII Ben Hur Water Buffalo

S20A Armored Fighting Vehicles, Closed-top, 1/35 and larger (Allies)
1ST  Andrew Gonzales - New Zealand Sherman
2ND Cris Salak - M4A3 of Calliope
3RD Kevin Gonzales - M1A2 Tusk

S20B Armored Fighting Vehicles, Closed-top, 1/35 and
larger (Axis)
1ST  Hubert Chan - M13/40 "Italian"
2ND Mike Budzeika - Hetzer "German"
3RD Thom Morton - "Tank Destroyed" Panther

S21 Armored Fighting Vehicles, Open-top, 1/35 and larger
1ST  Nick Turner - Marder II D
2ND Mark Armstrong - Adler Armored Car
3RD Cris Salak - M3A1 APC Halftrack

S22 Artillery, all scales
1ST  Scott Tanis - German Artillery Spotlight
2ND Randy Ray - Flakvierling 38
3RD Mike Armstrong - F-22

S23 Ships, 1/350 and larger
1ST  Mark Glidden - IJN Yamato
2ND Ron Scholtz - Heian Maru
3RD Mark Leonard - Flag Ship

S24 Ships, 1/351 and smaller
1ST  Mingqing Liu - Russian Battleship

S25 Automobiles, Stock, 1/24 scale and smaller
1ST  Justin McCoy - Landscaping Truck
2ND Grant Margan - Ferrari Enzo
3RD Justin McCoy - Olds 442 Junker

S26A Automobiles, Custom & Hot Rod, 1/24 scale and smaller - 1932 and older
1ST  Bradley Chun - '32 3-Window
2ND Bradley Chun - '32 5-Window
3RD Steve Travis - '32 Ford Phantom

S26B Automobiles, Custom & Hot Rod, 1/24 scale and smaller (splits - Post 1932)
1ST  Jerry Shoger - '40 Ford Sedan
2ND Jerry Shoger - '66 Riviera
3RD Bradley Chun - '41 Willys

S27 Automobiles, Competition Straight Line, 1/24 scale and smaller
1ST  Jerry Shoger - '32 Ford Coupe
2ND Steve Travis - 60's Belly Tanker Dragster
3RD Jerry Shoger - '32 Ford Roadster

S28 Automobiles, Competition Road/Race Track, 1/24 scale and smaller
1ST Terry Freeman - '34 Ford Modified Race Car
2ND Michael Stoneman - Toyota
3RD Terry Freeman - Don Edmunds Modified Race Car

S29 Trucks, all scales
1ST  Jerry Shoger - '25 Ford Pickup
2ND Jerry Shoger - '34 Ford Pickup
3RD Terry Freeman - '55 Chevy Pickup

S30 Motorcycle & Other, all scales
1ST  Mark Baber - Bat Pod
2ND Ted Roehl - Motorcycle Racer

S31 Automobile, Large Scale, over 1/24
1ST  Ted Roehl - Ratrod

S32A Science Fiction Vehicles

1ST  San Chong - War Machine Mess
2ND Vince Hoffman - Hornethopter " Scourge of the Derigable"
3RD Ron Scholtz - Mars Lander

S32B Science Fiction Vehicles
Michael Danz - The Nautilus
2ND James Prinzivalli - Alpha Short Range Saucer
3RD Michael Danz - "Spindrift Spare Transport"

S33 Figures, Fantasy
1ST  David Carr - Cylon Centurion
2ND Justin McCoy - Dino Cowgirl
3RD Jack Riggar - Battle Droid

S34 Space Vehicles and Missiles, Real, all scales
1ST  Jim Schettler - Nike Ajax
2ND Scott Tanis - V-1 Buzz Bomb
3RD Ron Scholtz - V-1 Buzz Bomb

S35 Figures, Historical, all scales
1ST  Scott Nelson - George Washington
2ND Justin McCoy - Japanese Man
3RD Mike Saggs - 4th (Irish) Dragoon, 1808

S36 Dioramas, all scales
1ST  Justin McCoy - Castle In The Sky
2ND Jeff Lew - Special Forces Humvee
3RD Mike Armstrong - "No, Kid. You Can't ride the tank!"

S37 Collections, all types, all scales
1ST  KJ Callahan - Customized WW2 Vehicles
2ND Allan Jones - WW2 Axis 2 Engine
3RD Scott Nelson - 1/72 New Airfix

S38 Miscellaneous
1ST  Nick Turner - Indiana Jones Tank
2ND Arthur Vicgris - 1/6 US Stuart
3RD Arthur Vicgris - 1/6 German Panzer II

S39 Speed Build
1ST  Damon Davies
2ND Gil Wesson
3RD Charlie Sotto

Special Awards

Best Junior
Lily Liu - USS Azizona

Best Science Fiction
Michael Danz - Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

Best Civilian Aircraft
Steve Davis - Quantas 787-9

Best Aircraft Subject
Mark Rezac - P-47D

Best Ship​​
Mark Glidden - IJN Yamato

Best Automotive
Jerry Shoger - 1940 Ford Sedan

Best Armor Subject
Andrew Gonzales - New Zealand Sherman

​​We Don't Care What The Judges Think
Tom Crayne - S'13 RCAF Sub Hunter

Best Theme, Maschinen Krieger
Vince Hoffman - S.A.F.S "Recharge"

Best Theme, "Building the Future"
Marc Rezac - ME-163B

Best of Show

Mark Glidden - IJN Yamato

JUNIOR (13-17 Years)

J1 Aircraft
1ST  Lily Liu - PZL P-24 F/G
2ND Robby Sleigh - P-51 Airfix
Lily Liu - A-10

J2 Military Vehicles
1ST  Robby Sleigh - M113
2ND Lily Liu - M1A2
3RD Lily Liu - 98 Tank of China

J3 Automobiles
1ST  Ryan Wells - 70 Plymouth Superbird
2ND Ryan Wells - Custom Motorcycle
3RD Spencer Lew - Audi R8

J4 Miscellaneous
1ST  Lily Liu - USS Arizona
2ND Billie Fernengel - Bigfoot
3RD Lily Liu - Gundam Zero Custom

YOUTH (1-12 Years)

Y1 Aircraft
1ST   Arthur - AH- 64 Apache
2ND  Issac - B-25
3RD Chloe - Twin Mustang F-28G

Y2 Military Vehicles
1ST  Bryan Yang - M1A2

Y3 Automobiles
1ST  Bryan Yang - Truck
2ND Justin Young - Mater (from the movie CARS)
3RD Aden Lew - Corvette Stingray

Y4 Miscellaneous
1ST   Bryan Yang - Battleship
2ND  Justin - Nimitz
3RD  Trevor Chan - Strike Noir Gundam

Maschinen Krieger Categories

K1 Suits
1st   Vince Hoffman - S.A.F.S. "Recharge"
2nd  Hubert Chan - Heinrich Panzar Kampf Ausf. H1
3rd​​​   Grant Moulton - S.A.F.S. (Powered Suit)

K2 Manned Vehicles ​​

K3 Unmanned Vehicles
1st   Damon Davies - Luna Gans

K4 Dioramas
1st   Jack Riggar - "This is Fubar"
2nd  Ron Scholtz - Lum-168 Camel
3rd  Vince Hoffman - Jerry "Lost in the Woods"

K5 Figure
1st   Grant Moulton - Mechanic
2nd  Grant Moulton - Gas Can Man
3rd   Grant Moulton - Pilot

K6 Miscellaneous 
1st   Ira Dahm - Mak USA Walker