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Hobby Expo 2016

Will be more just a Model Expo this year.

This year our show will only be about our hobby of modeling, whether it's plastic, resin, wood, paper, etc.

We wanted this contest to be focused on modeling by going back to where it all started, back to our roots, before our 10th anniversary show.

The show will be held on November 19th at Fundemonium in Rohnert Park (click here for directions). There will be almost the exact same amount of space for the contest, just minus one table.

We will have vendors at the show, a raffle, and more.

Vendor info here.
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Expo 2015

FREE PUBLIC ADMISSION 10:00am - 5:00pm




JUDGING 1:00PM - 3:00PM



Hobby Expo 2016 Schedule
Contest Entry Fees

Youth (1 to 12) FREE ENTRY

Junior (13 to 16) FREE ENTRY

Adult (17 and over) $5 entry fee + $1 per model

Contest entry closes at 12:30 pm
Contest awards presentation starts at 3:30 pm

Rules and Judging:

This is a plastic scale model contest open to the public. Pre-finished, pre-assembled, flying or RC models are generally not eligible. A strict definition of "plastic" can be found in the IPMS USA Competition Handbook (see below). However, some flexibility exists in cases such as scratchbuilt scale models, operating scale models and cast metal figures. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us ahead of time.

Judging will be in accordance with IPMS USA rules and criteria. These criteria place the emphasis on scale fidelity and workmanship. Additional information may be found on the IPMS USA website and in the official
Competition Handbook.

Previous year's Hobby Expo contest winning models receiving a First, Second, Third or special award and models built by Region 9 IPMS members that exceed the "One Year of Competition" rule are not eligible to compete.

The contest will not be judged "no sweeps"

Decisions by the Head Judge in all matters are final

What if I don't want to enter the contest?
Then bring your models anyway! We encourage everyone to bring something, whether it is a past National winner, just a neat model you enjoyed building or a work in progress. The goal is to have FUN and we all love to look at models. We'll have plenty of room for you to show off your creations and there is no fee for display models.If you have something that is unusually large, please contact us in advance.

All models must be checked in at our registration table, including display only models.

Senior (17 and over)
S1 Aircraft 1/72nd and smaller
S2 Aircraft , 1/48th
S3 Aircraft, 1/32nd
S4 Military Vehicles, 1/72nd and smaller, All Types
S5 Military Vehicles, 1/48th, All Types
S6 Military Vehicles, 1/35th, Softskin
S7 Military Vehicles, 1/35th, Armored Fighting Vehicles
S8 Artillery, All Scales

S9 Ships, 1/350 and larger
S10 Ships, 1/351 and smaller

S11 Autos, Motorcycles, & Trucks, All Scales

S12 Science Fiction Vehicles, All Scales

S13 Space Vehicles and Missiles, Real, all scales

S14 Figures, Fantasy, all scales

S15 Figures, Historical, all scales

S16 Dioramas, all scales

S17 Collections, all types, all scales

S18 Miscellaneous

Youth (1 to 12 years)
S19 All Models/All Scales

Junior(13 to 16 years)
S20 All Models/All Scales
Contest Categories