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Since most of you have seen my workbench at The Plastic Surgeon, I thought I'd share this photo of my workbench from 10 years ago when Terri and I lived in Woodland, north of Davis. The cat's name is "Wulf" and he had it out for this kit, a Trimaster 1/48 He-162. Cats can be very jealous, as you know. Anytime this kit was open and I turned my back, Wulf would suddenly appear and cop a nap in the box. Wulf had to be carefully dislodged because parts would stick to his fur and he could leave a trail of parts all through the house. Wulf died of natural causes, but the model was never completed for lack of parts.
Workbench in the garage? Hey, I've got a whole hobby shop!

These days I model feline free. My favorite glue, for plastic to plastic, is Testors liquid cement applied with the brush in the cap. I find that it is the most forgiving and gives the strongest bond. For resin and PE, I prefer thin superglue. I also use superglue for most of my filling. Tweezers are my favorite tool. I have a pair I keep sharpened to a very fine point that I find indispensable for maneuvering small parts. I've used a lot of airbrushes over the years, but I'm currently using a Paache "H" with a fine tip. For me, it's easy to use and easy to clean.

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